Extra Morsels


Featured Recipe:

Chicken & Sweet Potatoe dehydrated dog treats! (Click for a link to recipe with image)

Wash and peel sweet potatoes and slice into 1/8-1/4" slices. Then cut each slice in half lengthwise making sweet potatoes "fries".

Slice boneless chicken lengthwise into thin strips. Coat very lightly with olive oil and wrap chicken strips around the sweet potatoes.

Sprinkle a little parsley on top for extra flavor and doggie breath-freshening. Dehydrate at somewhere between 140-150F for 8-12 hours...checking every few hours to desired crispness. Enjoy!

Preferred Vendors

Above & Beyond Petcare: Dog Walking and In-Home Boarding

Cranberry Hill Animal Hospital - Exceptional veterinary care for your pet!

Critter Jungle - well-educated staff and an excellent roster of natural and high-quality pet products

Dr. Peter Dobias - excellent line of pet products and expert information from a Veterinarian who I admire

Ferghus & Company - A dog's paradise with Indoor Dog Gym, Agility Classes & More

Higgs & Bee Greens - healthy greens for your healthy pet! Made locally in Ottawa.

NOVAnimal Probiotics - An excellent Canadian-made probiotic for various life stages. Very high quality and pets LOVE the taste!

Tags for Hope - Super cute customized "license" dog tags - with portion of proceeds going to help rescues!

The Crazy Dog House - Natural EM Tick Collars and beautiful paracord collars & leashes you get to design yourself!

News & Views

Here is a collection of excellent resources that I highly recommend reading.

The Truth About Pet Food: A comprehensive website full of studies, research articles and advice regarding commercial products on the market - funded by consumers!

Dr. Peter Dobias Blog - An excellent source of information on all things related to pet health from a Veterinarian I admire.

Pet Fooled - A very insightful documentary shedding light on the "marketing" side of the pet food industry and what's REALLY in that bad of kibble!

Ottawa Magazine 2016 Pet Feature - For fun! Read my article on choosing a Nutritionist for your pet!